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Coding for Everyone

Live Course
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Course Description

Unlock the world of coding with our all-encompassing course. Designed for non-programmers and beginners, this program is your passport to coding excellence across every domain.
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levelBeginner and Intermediatecourse duration6 Weeks

Course Overview

Dive into a transformative coding journey tailored for non-programmers and beginners. This comprehensive course provides a solid foundation and hands-on experience across various domains.

"Coding for Everyone" is an inclusive and beginner-friendly course designed to introduce participants to the fundamentals of coding. From understanding the basics of how computers work to hands-on experiences in creating websites, managing data, and exploring the possibilities of data sciencethis course is your friendly guide to the essentials. Not only this, with this course you can master essential building blocks such as Data Structures and Algorithms. Whether you're a novice or looking to broaden your coding skills, this course is your gateway to a fulfilling journey in the world of programming.

Key Highlights:

  • 3 Weekly Live Classes
  • Self-Paced Content on Programming in Python
  • Articles, Practice Questions & Contests to supplement the learning experience

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90 Days

Course Content

01WEEK 01: Fundamentals of Computers & Basics of Programming

DAY 01

Fundamentals of Computer Science and Number Systems

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Number system(Binary, Hex, Octal,Decimal)
  • Integer representation in memory.

DAY 02 

Character and Media Representations in Memory

  • Alphabets/ Character representation in memory(ASCII/ Unicode)
  • Image representation (Pixel/ RGB).
  • Video representation in memory.
  • Audio representation in memory.

DAY 03

 Introduction to Programming and Python Basics

  • What is a programming language?
  • Understanding Compilers and interpretors.
  • Introducing Python, and starting with the first program.
  • Exploring Python and learning all the syntactical basics.
02WEEK 02: Python Concepts & Data-structures & Algorithms

DAY 01

Advanced Python Concepts

  • I/O manipulation and understanding flow controls.
  • Variables, datatypes, conditionals, loops, functions, etc.
  • Implementing classes.

DAY 02

Introduction Data Structures

  • Introduction
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Stacks and Queues
  • Linked Lists

DAY 03

Introduction To Algorithms

  • Algorithm Basics
  • Searching Algorithms
  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Running Time and Complexity
03WEEK 03: Computer Architecture, Operating system, Computer Networks & Web Development

DAY 01

Computer Architecture

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Memory (RAM and Storage)
  • Input and Output devices
  • How CPUs work
  • The role of memory in storing data
  • Speed vs. storage capacity
  • Moore's Law and its impact on technology

Operating Systems - 1

  • What is an OS?
  • Why do we need them?
  • Brief overview of Windows, macOS, and Linux

DAY 02

Operating Systems - 2

  • Key OS Functions:
  • Managing hardware resources
  • User interface and file management

Computer Network

  • What is a network?
  • Why are networks important?
  • Types of Networks:
  • Local Area Networks (LANs) vs. Wide Area Networks (WANs)
  • The Internet as a global network
  • Networking Basics:
  • IP addresses and domain names
  • The concept of data packets

DAY 03

Fundamentals of Web Development

  • Introduction to Web
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML Tags
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Styling HTML elements
  • Selectors
04WEEK 04: JavaScript Basics and Comprehensives of React.js

DAY 01

Introduction to JavaScript and Advanced Styling

  • Box Model
  • Advanced CSS
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Basic structure and syntax rules
  • Comments in JavaScript
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Operators
  • Control Flow: Conditional Statements
  • Control Flow: Loops

DAY 02

JavaScript Fundamentals and React.js Basics

  • Functions
  • Objects and Arrays
  • Asynchronous JavaScript
  • Introduction to React.js
  • JSX syntax

DAY 03

React.js Advanced Concepts

  • Components and Props
  • State Management in React
  • React Hooks
  • Routing in React
  • Advanced State Management in React
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