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Last Updated : 11 Mar, 2024

About the Speed Typing Test

Speed Typing test is an educational tool focusing on improving typing proficiency. It provides lessons, exercises, and tests to enhance typing speed, accuracy, and technique. Through various drills and feedback mechanisms, it assists users in developing better muscle memory, finger placement, and overall typing fluency, essential for productivity in various digital environments.

What is Typing ?

Typing is the process of entering text or characters through a keyboard or input device, using finger movements to press keys that correspond to letters, numbers, and symbols, creating digital content on a screen.

Why we use Speed Typing Test ?

We use speed Typing test to enhance typing skills by providing structured lessons, exercises, and tests. It aims to improve typing speed, accuracy, and technique through repetitive practice, helping users become proficient in keyboard usage for increased productivity and efficiency in various tasks requiring text input.

Speed Typing Test benefits

  • Offers systematic tutorials, drills, and exercises tailored to improve typing speed and accuracy progressively.
  • Provides varied tests and assessments to gauge and enhance typing proficiency and accuracy.
  • Offers immediate feedback on errors and progress, aiding in identifying and correcting typing mistakes.
  • Engaging and interactive games that reinforce skills, making learning to type more enjoyable and effective.

Is This Really a Free Typing Test You Can Use?

Yes, this typing test is available for free. It offers various functionalities, including assessing typing speed, accuracy, and providing practice. Users can access and utilize it without any cost or subscription fees, benefiting from its features for skill enhancement.

What is WPM and How Can You Calculate It?

WPM (Words Per Minute) in the code measures typing speed by calculating the typed characters divided by 5 and multiplied by 60, then divided by the elapsed time.

Elapsed time refers to the total time that has passed since the beginning of an event or process until the current moment. In the context of typing, it’s the duration from starting to ending the typing exercise.

What Is CPM and How Can You Calculate It?

CPM (Characters Per Minute) measures typing speed—dividing total typed characters by elapsed time in minutes gives the CPM rate.

How Does Speed Typing Test works ?

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript integrate to create a user-friendly typing environment with timers, progress trackers, and dynamic content for typing practice.
  • The script enables users to input text and dynamically tracks typing speed (WPM), accuracy, errors, and characters per minute (CPM) in real-time.
  • Randomized or preset paragraphs facilitate typing exercises, allowing users to practice and measure their speed, accuracy, and errors while typing the displayed text.
  • Text is visually highlighted and categorized as correct, incorrect, or active (current) characters, offering immediate visual feedback on typing accuracy and progress.
  • The SVG animation in the code uses stroke-dasharray to create a countdown timer effect, dynamically changing the appearance of circles representing time, speed, and accuracy.
  • Users can set custom time limits for typing sessions, restart exercises, reset timers, and track progress through dynamically changing visuals based on user interaction and performance metrics.

How to Improve Your Typing Speed?

Improving typing speed involves regular practice, using online tools like Speed Typing Test, focusing on correct finger placement, posture, and rhythm. Start with basic exercises, gradually increasing difficulty. Review and practice frequently to build muscle memory and accuracy.

What Is the Best 10-Finger Typing Layout?

The best 10-finger typing layout is the touch typing method, where fingers are positioned on the home row (ASDF for the left hand and JKL; for the right) and systematically used to type without looking. This method optimizes speed, accuracy, and reduces strain by assigning specific keys to each finger.

What Is a Good Typing Speed?


Word per minute(WPM)

Characters per minute (CPM)

Average Speed

40 wpm and over

200 cpm and over

Above Average Speed

50 wpm and over

250 cpm and over

Productive speed

60 wpm and over

300 cpm and over

High speed

70 wpm and over

350 cpm and over

Competitive speed

120 wpm and over

600 cpm and over

FAQs Section

How fast should I type?

Typing speed is subjective and varies. However, a comfortable speed is around 40-60 words per minute (WPM) for most individuals. Certain professions may require faster speeds, with skilled typists aiming for 80-100+ WPM for efficiency and productivity in tasks. Practice enhances typing speed.

How is typing speed measured?

Typing speed is measured in words per minute (WPM), calculating the number of words typed in a minute. Accuracy is also crucial; the net WPM is determined by deducting errors. Various online tests or software assess speed and accuracy, providing a reliable typing speed measurement.

Why is it important to take a typing speed test?

Taking typing speed tests is crucial as they assess typing proficiency, aiding in speed and accuracy improvement. Regular evaluation helps track progress, identify weaknesses, enhance productivity, and is crucial in professions requiring fast and precise keyboard skills, boosting overall computer literacy.

What Is the Average Typing Speed?

The average typing speed for individuals ranges between 38 to 40 words per minute (WPM). However, proficient typists often reach speeds of 50 to 70 WPM, while professional typists can exceed 90 WPM.

Who Invented the Qwerty Keyboard?

The QWERTY keyboard was developed by Christopher Sholes, a newspaper editor, and printer. Sholes patented the design in 1878, implementing a layout that aimed to prevent jamming in early typewriters by dispersing commonly used keys.

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