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Last Updated : 18 Mar, 2024
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Code formatter and code beautifier tools are essential tools for improving the overall look and maintainability of source code. These tools can automatically reformat code to comply with consistent styling guidelines such as indentation, spacing, and alignment, making code easier to read and understand.

By using code formatting and code beautifier tools, developers can save time and ensure that their code is consistent and understandable.

Types of Formatters

HTML Formatter/Beautifier

CSS Formatter/Beautifier

JavaScript Formatter/Beautifier

XML Formatter, Validator and Minifier

JSON Formatter and Validator

Php formatter

How to use the Online Code Formatter Tool?

Here are the Step-by-Step Guide for Using Online Code Formatter Tool:

  1. Paste your code: Copy and paste your code into the large text box provided.
  2. Select your language (optional): If you know the programming language of your code, select it from the dropdown menu. Otherwise, you can leave it on “Autodetect” and the tool will try to identify the language automatically.
  3. Format: Click the “Format” button.
  4. Review and copy: The formatted code will be displayed in the box below. You can review it and then copy it back to your code editor.

Why do we use Online Code Formatters?

Improved readability: Consistent formatting makes code easier to read and understand for yourself and other developers.

  • Reduced errors: Proper indentation and spacing can help to identify potential errors in your code.
  • Increased maintainability: Well-formatted code is easier to modify and update in the future.
  • Enforced style guidelines: You can use the tool to enforce consistent coding style across your project.

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