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JavaScript (JS) is the most popular lightweight, interpreted compiled programming language. It can be used for both Client-side as well as Server-side developments.













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About JavaScript Course for Beginners

JavaScript Course designed for beginner is designed to introduce you to the foundational concepts of JavaScript programming. It helps to learn the core concepts of Basic JavaScript such as Data types, Statements, Loops, Operators, DOM manipulation, Arrays, Strings, Numbers, Maths, and Objects. Whether you're a complete novice or have some programming experience, this course will provide you with a solid understanding of JavaScript basics.

Prerequisite to learn JavaScript:

Every front-end developer begins their journey. To build a completely effective online app or website, these are the fundamental building blocks of frontend web development.

  1. HTML: HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language used by the browser to manipulate text, images, and other content, in order to display it in the required format.
  2. CSS: CSS is used to add styles on HTML elements. CSS increases the standards and overall look of the website makes it easier for the user to interact with it.
  3. Code Editor: Code Editor provides the environment to run and execute the code. GeeksforGeeks provides free online code editors to hepl readers to learn and practice codes.
  4. Browser: The web browser is an application software to explore www (World Wide Web). It provides an interface between the server and the client and it requests to the server for web documents and services.

Reason to Learn JavaScript

Learn JavaScript is highly beneficial for several reasons, especially in the context of web development. In Modern day, web development requires deep knowledge of JavaScript concepts as it opens various opportunities because of its versatility. JavaScript has a high demand in the Job market as it is continuously evolving. JavaScript provides you with the foundation to build web applications.

Benefits of Learning JavaScript:

  1. Web Development: JavaScript allows developers to create dynamic, interactive, and responsive web pages that enhance user experience.
  2. Frontend Frameworks: Popular frontend frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js are based on JavaScript. Learning JavaScript enables you to leverage these powerful tools to build sophisticated web applications efficiently.
  3. Backend Development: With the advent of Node.js, JavaScript can now be used for server-side development as well. This allows developers to build full-stack applications using a single programming language.
  4. Cross-Platform Development: JavaScript frameworks like React Native and Ionic enable developers to build mobile applications for iOS and Android using JavaScript, reducing development time and resources.
  5. High Demand: JavaScript developers are in high demand across industries. Companies of all sizes, from startups to tech giants, are constantly seeking skilled JavaScript developers to build and maintain their web and mobile applications.
  6. Career Opportunities: Mastery of JavaScript can lead to lucrative career opportunities as a frontend developer, backend developer, full-stack developer, mobile app developer, or even as a JavaScript engineer specializing in frameworks and libraries.


Shobhit Sharma

This JavaScript roadmap covers the core fundamentals concepts which helped me a lot to kickstart my carrer in web development.

Tejas Pradhan

This JavaScript beginners roadmap gives the idea of core concepts to start the journey for web development.

Mansi Singh

My technical abilities and skills for development have been improved. The course offered a lot of extra materials, including study guides, code examples, and additional reading.

Amit Singh

This JavaScript course not only taught me the language, but also gave me insights into real-world applications in the industry.


What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, and versatile programming language primarily used for web development. It enables the creation of dynamic and interactive content on websites.

What is JavaScript used for?

JavaScript (JS) is the most popular lightweight, interpreted compiled programming language. It can be used for both Client-side as well as Server-side developments. JavaScript also known as a scripting language for web pages.

What will I learn in this JavaScript Tutorial?

In this JavaScript tutorial, you will learn all the essential concepts of JavaScript from scratch.

Is JavaScript Frontend or Backend?

Javascript is widely used in frontend development. But in the past few years it is also used in Backend development too.

How is JavaScript different from Java?

JavaScript is a loosely typed language and has a more relaxed syntax and rules. It is a scripting language used for creating interactive and dynamic web pages. JavaScript code used to run only in the browser, but now it can run on the server via Node.js. It is used for the frontend and backend both.