Automata Tutorial

Last Updated : 25 Jan, 2024

Automata theory is a branch of the theory of computation. It deals with the study of abstract machines and their capacities for computation. An abstract machine is called the automata. It includes the design and analysis of automata, which are mathematical models that can perform computations on strings of symbols according to a set of rules.

Theory of computation is the branch of computer science that studies the nature and ranges of computation. It includes analysis and design of algorithms computation systems, formal languages, automata theory, compatibility theory, and complexity theory.

In this Automata Tutorial, you’ll learn all the basic to advanced topics like Regular languages and finite automata, Context free Grammar and Context-free language, turning machines, etc.

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Recent Articles on Theory Of Computation

Automata – Introduction

Regular Expression and Finite Automata

CFG (Context Free Grammar)

PDA (Pushdown Automata)

Turing Machine


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