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Cognizant SDE Sheet: Interview Questions and Answers

Last Updated : 12 Feb, 2024
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Cognizant is an American multinational information technology services and consulting company, headquartered in new jersey, US. It has broadly two units. The vertical units focus on specific industries. This sheet will assist you to land a job at cognizant, we have compiled all the interview questions and answers.

Cognizant SDE Sheet

The horizontals focus on specific technologies or services such as Analytics, mobile computing, BPO, and Testing. It outsources services for industries including banking, health care, manufacturing, media, and entertainment. As of 2021, it is ranked 185 in the fortune 500.

Cognizant’s recruitment process involves 3 rounds following registration:

  • Written Round: It tests general aptitude and verbal ability.

    • Quantitative Aptitude ( 25 questions for 35 minutes): This section contains questions from Basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Engineering Mathematics
    • Verbal Ability (20 questions for 20 minutes): This section contains questions based on Vocabulary (Synonyms, Antonym, Contextual Vocabulary), Grammar (Error Identification, Sentence Improvement, and Construction), and Comprehension Reading.
    • Logical Ability ( 35 questions for 45 minutes): This section contains questions based on topics like Coding deductive logic, Data Sufficiency, Objective Reasoning, Data Arrangement, Coding Pattern Recognition, and Number Series Pattern Recognition.
  • Technical Round: To clear this round you should have clear concepts of Data structures and Algorithms, DBMS, Operating systems, Networking, and OOPs, and have to command over a programming language of your choice. This round may involve puzzles as well.
  • HR Round: The conventional HR questions are asked in this final round.

Cognizant Interview Preparation Roadmap


Why this sheet?

Young talents from across India in quest of a brilliant career find great opportunities and global exposure at cognizant, because of its top-tier clients in almost every industry. We have prepared this sheet just for those, who are trying to grab these opportunities at cognizant. This sheet covers most of the important questions and answers that pop up in cognizant technical interviews. The questions in this sheet are grouped topic-wise covering all major DSA topics with the practice link.

Written Round

The Written round consists of two major sections namely the General Aptitude Test and the Verbal Ability Test. General Aptitude Test, has mathematical reasoning part and logical reasoning part, and a verbal ability Test.

Aptitude & Reasoning Ability:

Hence, aptitude is no such thing to be afraid of during the placement process but yes it should be paid attention to because it is the screening test and if you don’t get through this then you will be out of the placement process. So here we have 6 sets to practice your aptitude skills.


Verbal Ability:

To check your proficiency in English, they will check your grammar knowledge, for that, we have prepared 5 sets of English Reading Comprehension for that.



Logical Ability:

Logical ability is a non-verbal assessment that specifically tests your ability to analyse concepts and problems expressed in the form of images, diagrams, etc. We have reasoning problems based on several topics to help you better for the assessment round.


Coding Section

In the Coding section of Cognizant, they asked questions about the below-mentioned topics.

Array: An array is a collection of items stored at contiguous memory locations. The idea is to store multiple items of the same type together.

Articles Practice
Rotate Array Solve
Largest Element in Array Solve
Find Second largest element in an array Solve
Print alternate elements of an array Solve
Program to find sum of elements in a given array Solve
Palindromic Array Solve
Count of smaller elements Solve
Find the Index of an array Solve
Element with left side smaller and right side greater Solve
Missing number in array Solve
Count the Zeros Solve
Sort elements by frequency Solve
Counting elements in two arrays Solve
Two Repeated Elements Solve
Elements in the Range Solve
Remove minimum elements Solve
Buildings receiving sunlight Solve
Last duplicate element in a sorted array Solve
Adding Array Elements Solve
Program for average of an array (Iterative and Recursive) Solve
Given an array of pairs, find all symmetric pairs in it Solve
Remove duplicates from unsorted array using Map data structure Solve
Find whether an array is subset of another array Solve
Program to cyclically rotate an array by one Solve
Rearrange Array Alternately Solve
Swap kth elements Solve
Sum of Middle Elements of two sorted arrays Solve

String: Strings are defined as an array of characters. The difference between a character array and a string is the string is terminated with a special character ‘\0’.

Articles Practice
Reverse a String Solve
Non Repeating Character Solve
Sum of numbers in string Solve
Remove character Solve
Remove Spaces Solve
Check for Binary Solve
Upper case conversion Solve
Count Substrings Solve
Remove duplicates from a given string Solve
Reverse words in a given string Solve
Program to find Smallest and Largest Word in a String Solve
Return maximum occurring character in an input string Solve
Palindrome String Solve
Check for Binary Solve
Same characters in two strings Solve
Check whether two strings are an anagram of each other Solve
Length of the longest valid substring Solve
Converting Roman Numerals to Decimal lying between 1 to 3999 Solve
Given a binary string, count number of substrings that start and end with 1. Solve
Round the given number to nearest multiple of 10 Solve
Alternatively Merge two Strings in Java Solve
Most frequent word in an array of strings Solve
Alternate Lower Upper String Sort Solve
program to concatenate a string given number of times Solve

Searching and Sorting:

  • Searching Algorithms are designed to check for an element or retrieve an element from any data structure where it is stored
  • Sorting Algorithms are used to rearrange a given array or list of elements according to a comparison operator on the elements. The comparison operator is used to decide the new order of elements in the respective data structure.
Articles Practice
Binary Search Solve
Linear Search Solve
Bubble Sort Solve
Insertion Sort Solve
Merge Sort Solve
Selection Sort Solve
Quick Sort Solve
Heap Sort Solve

Number Series: While a sequence is a list of items arranged in a sequential way following a particular relation, a series is the cumulative sum of a given sequence of terms.

Articles Practice
Crack the series Solve
Change Bits Solve
Odd Game Solve
Program to find LCM of two numbers Solve
Check if a number is Palindrome Solve
Program for Armstrong Numbers Solve
Program for Fibonacci numbers Solve
Primitive Abundant Number Solve
Write a program Perfect Number Solve
Sum of all prime numbers between 1 and N. Solve
program to check whether a given number is even or odd Solve
Program to Check Whether a Number is Prime or not Solve
Program to check if a given year is leap year Solve
Program for factorial of a number Solve
Program for sum of geometric series Solve
Program for N-th term of Geometric Progression series Solve
Automorphic Number Solve
Program to find area of a circle Solve
Find all divisors of a natural number Solve
Program to find GCD or HCF of two numbers Solve
How to swap two numbers without using a temporary variable Solve
Find the Largest Number Among Three Numbers Solve
Given a number N, the task is to find the Prime Numbers from 1 to N Solve

Conversions: This involves questions asking to convert a given number from one number system to an equivalent number in another number system.

Articles Practice
Program for Binary To Decimal Conversion Solve
Convert a binary number to octal Solve
Program for Decimal to Binary Conversion Solve
Program to convert a given number to words Solve


Puzzles are one of the ways to check your problem-solving skills. These are tricky questions that let you think logically. Try to solve these 20 most popular puzzles asked in Interviews

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