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In this beginner’s guide for Data Structures and Algorithms, you will learn about the basics of DSA, why and how to get started with DSA, learning, strategy, resources, and much more.













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About the DSA for Beginners Tutorial

Every great programmer, like you, works to develop code that is as efficient as possible and produces the best results. So the main goal of every programmer is not to merely write a code that works but to write a well-structured code that works efficiently. This skill can only be developed if one has a solid understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms.

Keeping this in mind, we have created a complete beginner’s guide for you to learn and master DSA. By following this ultimate beginner’s guide for DSA, you can grow your DSA skills from beginner to master level, for sure.

Worried about where to start? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Why Data Structures and Algorithms are important to learn?

You must have heard about Data Structures and Algorithms in the programming world every now and then. So it is very common to find yourself in a dilemma as to why you should learn Data Structure and Algorithms? Data Structure and Algorithms help in understanding the nature of the problem at a deeper level and thereby providing a solution that solves the problem in the best way possible. Each problem needs proper knowledge and implementation of Data Structures and Algorithms for efficient storage, searching, and other operations with the best results.

How to learn Data Structures and Algorithms?

Now that we have covered the basics of Data Structures and Algorithms in this beginner’s guide for DSA, it is now time to learn DSA. You can follow the following step-by-step method to master DSA from scratch:

  1. Learn about fundamental concepts of Programming
  2. Choose a programming language to implement those concepts
  3. Start learning with Data structures
  4. Get to know about Algorithms
  5. Learn, and practice about Complexity analysis
  6. Finding the best resources to practice DSA
  7. Practice and practice problems based on DSA


Payal Mujavadiya

This is a very good roadmap to understand the basics. This covers all types of data structures and Algorithms concepts. I am totally satisfied with the contents of this roadmap.

Sachin Motwani

The topics in this roadmap are explained clearly, and practice problems given were very helpful to implement the concepts learnt. Kudos to GeeksforGeeks!!!

Shreya Kumari

This roadmap has been a one-stop destination for my basics revision. GeeksforGeeks has touched all the important topics with the best approach. This roadmap has a huge role in getting me placed.

Potta Lokesh

The roadmap on GFG are well structured. The order of reading is awesome. It helped me a lot.


How can I start this course?

You just need to click on the button that says START YOUR JOURNEY, and that's it. You will be taken to your first chapter.

Is this a language-specific course?

No. Majority topics in the course include implementations in popular programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, C#, and Javascript.

Does the course include programming questions?

Yes, the course focuses on DS & Algo with a mix of theoretical topics and programming questions.

Can I learn DSA live?

Yes, we do have LIVE batched for DSA. You may call us on our toll-free number: +91-7838223507 or Drop us an email at courses@geeksforgeeks.org for any queries.